"Don't ever take no from someone who doesn't have the power to give you a yes."

"Why don't we have what we think we should have? Because we are not doing what we should be doing!"

-Melony Armstrong

Everyday, Melony Armstrong demonstrates what a leader is. Hundreds of low-income families are housed, clothed and fed not because she sought out government assistance for them, rather, because she demanded that the government get of her way so that she could provide for herself and her family and so that other women could do likewise. She is responsible for breaking down regulatory walls that prohibited anyone from practicing hair braiding without a cosmetology license in her state of MS. Now, in Mississippi, over 5,000 women are registered hair braiders and first time business owners as well as over two million throughout the nation as a result of the trail Armstrong blazed. Her Salon, Naturally Speaking, is the first licensed hair braiding salon in the state of MS. She has traveled across the nation and abroad telling her story of a modern day David & Goliath...where small business women takes on Big government and wins.  Among a few of the platforms she’s appeared on are,  John Stossel, Tom Joyner, testified before Congress, featured in Essence, spoke at Vision Talks, has 2 award winning documentaries, and her Movie “Freedom Hair” is scheduled to be released in 2021. Melony is married to Apostle Kevin Armstrong.  For the past 19 years they have pastored The Kings Dome Worship Center.  They have four amazing sons and one daughter in-law. Melony is committed to helping women discover their God given purpose and then begin to live their lives on purpose. Today she continues to manage her salon and braiding school, speak, coach, write, pastor and inspire and motivate women everywhere.